Guard Nugget. (Taken with Instagram)

Taken with Instagram


He might not be your point guard coach, but he’s my point guard coach.

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It’s almost like a Hollywood scipt for OKC. They went through Dallas. Then they went through the Lakers. Then they went through us. Those three teams represent 10 of the last 13 championships. And now they’re going to go to the Finals and play either Boston or Miami. And that will be 11 of the last 13 championships. I don’t know if anybody has gone through a playoff playing those kinds of teams. It’s just incredible, and I think it’s pretty cool for them.

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Our little humble abode. Can’t wait to move in this weekend! (Taken with instagram)


Tony Parker hits the deck after a vicious congratulatory butt pat from James Harden.

One quarter later, Parker stayed on the ground for nearly five minutes after a t-shirt whizzed dangerously close to his head. Spurs mascot The Coyote was assessed a flagrant-one.

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Also, I can’t watch the game tonight because I’m working and I have Scar and I expect all you bitches to give me play by play updates and any relevent gifs and memes. Kthxbai. ALSO, post game press conference outfits plz.   

Download Yahoo Sportacular on your phone & it gives you a play by play throughout the entire game. Also, has a link to every game the day of to stream it live. And if you don’t want to focus too much on that just go on and read the endlessly updated comments from the game day post to be up-to-date. No pictures, just play by play updates and opinions & reactions from true fans.